This fall, MaxIQ Space will host four webinars for students and teachers to discuss the space industry and answer questions about product and service development for space. Each workshop will include guest speakers from the space industry, case studies, and insights from entrepreneurs to support creativity and critical thinking. The workshops aim to help students connect the dots between their CTE skills and space industry careers. Use the links below to sign up for the sessions.

1. Space agriculture: Growing food in outer space

This session, held on September 13, 2023, covered the potential for agricultural development in space and sustainable food production systems for long-term space missions.

2. Environmental systems in space: Ensuring sustainability

This session, held on September 20, 2023, covered the intersection between environmental sciences and space and waste management, recycling, and sustainable living in space.

3. Space robotics and automation: Machines in microgravity

This session, held on September 27, 2023, covered the role of robotics and automation in space exploration as well as robotic solutions for maintenance, exploration, or manufacturing.

4. Space manufacturing: Building for the beyond

This session, held on October 4, 2023, covered the application of manufacturing and engineering skills in space construction, and designing innovative tools, habitats, or machinery suited for space environments.

Enter the challenge

Teachers — as you work with students to develop your team’s product or service, take advantage of this unique opportunity to speak with industry experts.

Be sure to register for the challenge and don’t forget to have your school’s principal or district-level administrator sign off on your submission. They can do so by sending an email to the team lead stating permission to participate. You can forward this sample email template to your principal or district-level administrator.

Submissions are due by 6:00 p.m. ET on October 30, 2023. Up to ten winning teams will receive $5,000 each and earn in-kind prizes such as space-related classroom equipment or supplies, site visits to space company campuses, and interactions with high-profile leaders in the space industry.

To get started, review the submission details and register for the challenge.

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